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Maximise Conversions & Minimise Churn With Hyper Targeted Emails

Using Behaviour Based Email Funnels We'll Outperform Your Current Email Marketing Or You Don't Pay

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Sheni - Co Founder At Maility
Carson - Founder At Classroom AI

Our Results

100% Client Success Rate




Revenue Generated


Average ROI

The Revenue Formula

We Work To Increase Each Variable In The Revenue Formula.
The Total Number Of Customers. The Retention Of Each Customer. The Average MRR Per Customer

Variable 1

# Customers

Welcome Flow
Abandoned Payment Flow
Payment Declined Flow
Referral Flow
Winback Flow

Variable 2


Onboarding Flow
No Login Flow
Gamification Flow
Cancellation Flow
Customer Feedback Flow

Variable 3


Ascension Flow
Customer Winback Flow
Feature Limitation Flow
Customer Journey NPS Surveys  
Nurture & Upsell Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still Unsure? Read On To Clarify Any Doubts.

Do You Have A Guarantee? 


If we don't increase the performance of your email marketing then you don't pay.

We track the core email metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, click through rate, unsubscribe rate, list growth rate and more.

And in certain circumstances also utilise UTM parameters within emails to track user behaviour after the click.

Do I Have To Commit To Anything Long Term? 

Nope! All of our contracts are on a month-to-month basis, we don't believe in long term tie downs. Our clients stay with us because we deliver stellar results, not because they signed a piece of paper saying they have to.

Do You Take Care Of All Of The Email Marketing

Yes. We take care of your email marketing from A-Z, including the flows, campaigns, copy, design, strategy, implementation and optimisation.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started

The initial flow setup will take 2 - 3 weeks. We prioritise speed so you can see an ROI as fast as possible

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