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We'll add $50,000 MRR In 6 Months Whilst Reducing Churn (ROI Guaranteed In Writing)

Utilising Email Marketing And In-App Messages That Convert, Retain And Upsell Users To Maximise Value Per Lead

SaaS Brands We've Scaled

HOlistic Email Marketing And In-app messaging

The CRA Formula


Converting users into lifelong customers with hyper targeted pre-purchase flows
  • Lead Magnet Flow
  • Trial - Welcome Flow
  • Abandoned Payment Flow
  • Post Trial Conversion Flow
  • Customer Winback Flow
Conversions from email tracked via UTM
parameters and GA4.


Churn prevention flows and dunning sequences to kill voluntary and involuntary churn
  • Onboarding Flow
  • Gamification Flow
  • No Login Flow (Churn Prevention)
  • Low Usage Flow (Churn Prevention)
  • Views Cancellation Page Flow (Churn Prevention)
  • Cancellation Flow
  • Payment Declined Flow


Ascending users to higher plans via upsells and cross-sells maximising CLTV
  • Annual Plan Upsell Flow
  • Ascension Flow
  • Feature Limitation Flow
  • Multi-Product Crossell Flow
Case Studies

Check Out Some Of Our Winners


2.5x Conversion Increase

28% Decrease In Churn

We overhauled their entire email strategy and built out 14 customer lifecycle flows at each stage of the customer journey.

The Results Within 75 Days: 
  • A 2.5x Increase In Monthly Conversions
  • A Reduction In Churn By 28%
Classroom AI

132% Increase In Subs

45% Increase In Activation

Classroom AI were in a competitive market, and struggled to find their positioning.

We carried out extensive market research and crafted copy that cut through the noise, and resonated with their ICP.

After creating and implementing 13 email flows from scratch we saw: 
  • A 132% increase in subscriptions
  • A 45% increase in user activation
Our Process

How We Get Results

We audit your current email and in-app message flows, campaigns, segmenting and deliverability.
We map out 14+ email flows across the customer lifecycle and also create the campaign calendar strategy
We write, design, create and implement 50+ emails into your ESP - with UTM and conversion tracking.
We perform weekly testing sprints focused on high-impact variables. With weekly reports on results.

What Our Clients Are Saying

" The results our email flows led to were amazing... we had increased conversions of people upgrading their plan...and it heavily reduced our churn and CAC "
Andrew Osborne
Founder @ Upnotify
We were struggling with converting free users to paid... and the email flows led to a big increase in our conversions...would highly recommend working with them.
Carson Szeder
Founder Of An AI SaaS
"We've worked with a ton of vendors in the past and their communication is the best I've ever seen...but even better the quality of the emails turned out to be incredible."
Sheni Salami
Founder @ Maility
The Specifics

What We Offer

Weekly Deliverability Optimisation
14+ Customer Lifecycle Email Flows
In-App Message Flows
Continous A/B Testing of 20+ Variables
3+ Weekly Email Campaigns
Full Funnel Audits
UTM and GA4 Conversion Tracking
In-Depth Weekly Performance Reports
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Frequently asked.

Do you take care of the full process?

Yes. We take care of your email marketing and in-app messaging from A-Z, including the flows, campaigns, copy, design, strategy, implementation and optimisation.

How long does it take to get started? 

The initial flow setup will take 2 - 3 weeks and from there we implement our first campaigns and optimisation. We prioritise speed so you can see an ROI as fast as possible

Do I have to commit to anything longterm?


All of our contracts are on a month-to-month basis, we don't believe in long term tie downs. Our clients stay with us because we deliver stellar results, not because they signed a piece of contract saying they have to.

However we do recommend our clients that they commit to the process for 90 days to allow the first 3 testing sprints to elapse.

What are the costs?

Due to the dynamic of our work, the costs would depend on your current situation, and the quantity and type of work required.

‍Foperate through a monthly retainer equipped with a money back guarantee.

Book a 15 minute call and we'll be able to determine if there is a fit and what the investment may look like.